Quartz TSL helped remove and replace a Murata SN8200  wifi module to allow access to the programming pins on a customers prototype with an innovative solution.

One of Quartz TSL's customers had a prototype design created local to them outside of Quartz TSL  which we then manufactured for them. In the process of designing the board it was not apparent from Murata's data sheet that the wifi module contained no pre-loaded programming code. In the design the programming pins for the Wi-fi module had not been connected to a programming area on the board. So to prove to the final client the Wi-fi module part of the design worked our customer needed access to the Wi-fi programming pins. The Murata Wi-fi module was a tight low slung surface mount module with no current access to the pin areas.

This is where Quartz TSL's manufacturing expertise and innovative problem solving skills came into their own. Quartz TSL offered a solution to our client  which we believed would solve the problem. However there is always the possibility that removing modules from 8 layer multilayer printed circuit boards will damage them. So Quartz TSL made the customer aware of this possibility before undertaking the solution. With the customer aware of the slim chance of damage  Quartz TSL undertook the procedure using the correct solution management.

How Quartz TSL solved the problem and saved our customer thousands of pounds.

We removed the Wi-fi module using a re-work station. This meant that the current Wi-fi module was destroyed during the removal process. However having to buy another Wi-fi module at  £23.00 for fitting was preferable than having to re-make another prototype for  for over £1000 and all the associated tooling costs with surface mount and an 8 layer multilayer PCB . Once the board was re-tested without the Wi-fi module fitted to prove no damage had been sustained by the multilayer board during wi-fi module removal. Quartz TSL could proceed with the innovative solution for refitting the new module.

By using our in house Trotec speedy 300  Co2 laser we pre-cut a 3mm perspex pin array former to fit the PCB footprint shown in one of the photographs. There were pins on the central areas of the underneath of the wi-fi module. The perspex plastic array was used to perfectly align standard IDC connector length pins to match up with these inner pins which needed to be connected on the underside of the wi-fi module. These inner pins would also give the structure a rigidity and a set height to allow access to all areas of the pin configuration of the wi-fi module and especially to the 4 programming pins.

Once the plastic pin array was produced with IDC pins extracted from existing off the shelf connectors. One of our highly skilled engineers set about soldering  the IDC pins to the module with the plastic array holding them in place. Then each of the induvidual outside  pins on the wifi module had Kynar hook up wire ( single strand) re-connected to the pads on the new bought module. Once the Kynar wire had been folded back. The whole new Wi-fi module solution was then sat on the PCB and the painstaking process of using a fine soldering iron to access the furthest pins in the centre of the module was begun. Once the main structure IDC pin stilts had been soldered in place on the PCB. The Kynar wire curtain on all the outside pin connections were then soldered to the pads on the PCB and the process was complete. 

A programming wire ribbon cable  from the 4 pads which were required for programming the module was run to an IDC connector where the client could then access the pins required. All of this cabling and the new connector  were TAK-PAK glued down for rigidity.

Our customer was extremely pleased and relieved  with the innovative  soultion Quartz TSL provided. He was able to prove to the final client that the  whole prototype worked as anticipated. Our customer said sometimes you don't find out just  how good a company is to work with until a problem occurs and a solution needs to be found. Even if that company didn't create the problem. It's all about finding solutions to move each product forward. At Quartz TSL we pride ourselves on keeping momentum going and solving problems  on all our clients products. We will use all our knowledge and skills to keep a project on track while limiting the costs. That's why clients keep coming back time after time to Quartz TSL.  A solutions driven company who cares about your products  as much as you do.

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