Quartz Technical Services Limited has supplied or is currently supplying companies in this particular market sector. Either just supplying bare printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or a combination of PCB supply and full printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Other services include full procurement and full testing of final electronic assemblies to create full turnkey products.

Quartz TSL produce finished tested complex assemblies for a company supplying electronic equipment for the colour matching world for foods, textiles, garments and paint or any other market where colour matching excellence is required especially with the increasing use of LED store lighting. Quartz TSL has for many years manufactured a range of assemblies for this particular client. Quartz TSL will now be supplying an ever expanding range of products in a deal lasting for at least 3 years. All the electronic assemblies and equipment including the PCB’s will be manufactured in Quartz TSL’s Leicester factory to the highest quality with full UL (underwriters laboratory) produced PCB’s. The PCB’s are then assembled and tested and wired by our skilled workforce in our Leicestershire based PCB and electronic assembly factory.

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