Quartz Technical Services Limited has supplied or is currently supplying many companies in this particular market sector. Either just supplying bare printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or a combination of PCB supply and full printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Other services include full procurement and full testing of final units to create full turnkey supply.

We produce finished tested complex assemblies for a range companies supplying electronics to the marine and maritime markets worldwide. From ship hull plate thickness detection monitors when in dry dock. To ultrasonic cargo hull water ingress detection systems. To on board fire suppressant cylinder detection monitors. Quartz TSL’s quality is respected by our clients who rely on our expertise and excellence to maintain the highest manufacturing standards. With this peace of mind our clients know the turnkey products we manufacture, box, and badge for them will keep their customers and fleets moving the oceans over.  

Please see our range of services to see how we could help your products or call us on 01455 824646 or email