Quartz Technical Services Limited has supplied or is currently supplying many companies in this particular market sector. Either just supplying bare printed circuit boards (PCB’s) or a combination of PCB supply and full printed circuit board assembly (PCBA). Other services could include full procurement and full testing of final units to create full turnkey supply.

We produce finished tested PCB’s and complex assemblies for a range of science and research based companies and institutions.  We also get directly involved in research studies. Quartz TSL was part of a consortium of industrial and academic partners looking into direct printing and laser fusing of conductive tracks. We have also helped one client get their equipment (which included our PCB’s and assemblies) tested and passed for flight acceptance into the International Space Station. We worked with NASA’s chosen partners from the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) to ensure our electronics were robust enough for the forces expected on take-off. Also the electronics were specially coated to fully ensure minimal outgassing. So that the limited air supply of the space station was not compromised.

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