In one word “Quality” ! In the world of electronics of course it matters how it looks and also if it arrived on time at the right price. However ultimately if it doesn’t work when it’s switched on all the hard work has been for nothing !!!

That’s why at Quartz TSL we always strive to supply the very highest possible electronic quality craftsmanship at the right price with the best delivery.

 Quartz TSL will always look to produce the majority of our bare printed circuit boards  in our Leicestershire  based PCB manufacturing plant. With only overseas PCB production when the situation warrants or requires it. We only use a select and trusted couple of suppliers. All of our electronic assembly services are based in our Leicestershire facility for full control and traceability at every stage. 

Quartz TSL also believes that you never know where the next great break through product will spring from. Companies large or small, induvidual inventors or more recently crowd funded electronic products. Quartz TSL is ready to help develop and collaborate however small or large the project may seem. We are a great believer in the phrase “acorns to oak trees” and will endeavor to help any break through  product or design  achieve its full potential in any way we can.

If you find our approach refreshing and inline with your business ethos please feel free to contact us any time to discuss your next product or  project. 

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