Quartz TSL (Quartz Technical Services Ltd) is an industry leading manufacturer and developer of printed circuit boards and electronic contract manufacturing. Offering world class manufacturing peace of mind for our clients. With full traceability and robust and continually monitored accreditations.

We believe in long term partnerships with our clients and their game changing products. So we combine our years of manufacturing experience and technical knowhow to create innovative solutions to your needs.

Quartz TSL understands our client’s success is paramount. So making your products successful is ultimately our success too. 

Using the latest technology and processes. We are ideally positioned to manufacture  your products or turn your concepts or designs into world beating products.

Quartz TSL deliver high quality electronic manufacturing services in house including:

  • PCB manufacture
  • PCB assembly
  • PCB design
  • Assembly & test
  • Panel & cubicle wiring
  • Full system build
  • Cable and harness manufacture
  • Box build

Quartz TSL also offers in house additional manufacturing services which enhance our main services. 

  • Plate machining and  engraving
  • Box machining
  • Laser cut and bent acrylic electrical covers
  • Label services
  • Traffolyte engraved labels
  • Vinyl labels
  • Polyester labels
  • Specialist identification labels
  • Tamper proof void labels

Contact us today to see how we can help make a success of your requirements.