Our client base ranges from the smallest one man business or high tech start-up to some of the world’s largest blue chip international companies.

 We understand in today’s fast moving business world that the smallest  idea or initial product  request could be tomorrow’s breakthrough invention or global world beating product.

That's why we treat all initial requests for information of our services with the same level of commitment and importance. whether initial start up business or global bluechip industrial client. 

Quartz TSL’s breadth of skills and industry knowledge enables us to quickly  ascertain our customers early requirements. We pride ourselves on providing honest practical advice and tailored high quality solutions.

Here is just  a small sample list of some of the  companies and organisations  Quartz TSL  have manufactured for  and  assissted on various products and projects over 30 years of business. 

  • Mitsubishi motorsport
  • Siemens
  • Serco
  • Virgin East coast Trains
  • Bridgeport Machine Tools
  • De Mont Fort University
  • British Antarctic Survey
  • Thyssenkrupp Lifts
  • Kontron
  • GE Converteam

Some of the ways we can help

  • Quartz TSL have been manufacturing  PCB's in house on standard or  fast turn arounds for nearly 3 decades.
  • Quartz TSL can fully populate and assemble printed circuit boards both through hole, surface mount and BGA. 
  • Quartz TSL can fully wire small sub assemblies all the way upto full wide bay control cabinets.
  • Quartz TSL can create Gerber files from schematic drawings or create products from initial concept  to final product.
  • Quartz TSL can control all the aspects of manufacture and assembly or follow all specified complex data packs from clients.
  • Quartz TSL can provide full production traceability and manufacturing peace of mind. It's what we do everyday.
  • Quartz TSL can manufacture  fully tested  finished turn key products for you and provide full documentation.
  • Quartz TSL has an excellent internal team of engineers, manufacturers and administrators but also has a network of long term trusted and selected external experts who can be drawn on to assist at any time. 

Quartz TSL can assist you in as little or as large a capacity that you decide. Allowing you to get on with the truly important tasks for your business.

We have been making PCB's and complex electronic assemblies and products while dealing with all the manufacturing issues and industry directives for  30 years.

Please contact us today to find out how helpful and useful a company can really be !

Please see our range of services to see how we could help your products or call us on 01455 824646 or email sales@quartz-tsl.com