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Tell us as best you can the style of electronic assembly you require. We understand all assemblies are inherently different so we have provided a box below the drop down menu if you need to explain further.


Through hole assembly listed in the drop down menu below is also sometimes known as leaded assembly and refers to components where the legs go through holes on the PCB's. While surface mount assembly refers to components that sit on the surface of the PCB.

Does the assembly contain BGA's (Ball Grid Arrays) if so please state how many in the box below

Quartz TSL has an extensive stock system of thousands of components. We usually prefer to supply all the components ourselves especially with surface mount devices so we can automate placement using components on tape, tube or reels.


We understand however different clients have alternetive ways of working. So just try and let us know what your initial ideas for the component supply are and we can work to accomodate your need or best fit. Please use the additional comments box if you picked other or if there is anything else we ought to know.

We will need a parts list and hopefully  PCB pdfs or gerber data to at least  quote. If you have other drawings and documents you would like to send us to help us with your quote request, please create one zip or rar file and upload them here. All documents must be in one datapack for upload.