A considered decision was made by Quartz TSL to add important high tech rework capabilities to extend our services to customers.

The ERSA HR 550 Guided re-work station was purchased from Coventry based and trusted supplier  Blundell Production Equipment Limited.
The equipment will expand our range of services to our customers  and also  dramatically increase the speed with which we can remove and replace the complex semiconductors in todays advanced electronic circuitry. The ERSA HR 550. Has the following characteristics below. Which make it one of the best re-work stations on the market available today.

HR550 Hybrid Guided Rework Centre

Powerful Hybrid Rework System, 3.9 KW.

Desoldering, placement and soldering of all types of surface mounted devices (SMD) – up to 70 x 70 mm: BGA, metallic BGA, CGA, BGA socket, QFP, PLCC, MLF and miniature components with an edge length of min. 0.2 x 0.4 mm.


Highly efficient 1.500 hybrid heating head
Large-area IR bottom heating in 3 heating zones (2.400 W)
Integrated vacuum pipette for component removal and placement
Highly accurate placement with integrated force sensor
Enhanced Visual Assistant (EVA)
Computer aided component placement
Process control and documentation via software HRSoft 2
Suitable for the use of the Dip&Print Station