Quartz TSL are sponsoring and working with Bath University undergraduates as part of the Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycles endeavour.

The aim of the specialist group within the faculty of Engineering and Design is to design and build electric race bikes that can compete in the isle of Man TT electric class.

Quartz TSL were originally approached by Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycles for a quote to produce some PCB's ( printed circuit boards). A decision was taken by Quartz TSL to offer free manufacture of the PCB's and to populate the boards for a low minimal cost. Quartz TSL also covered all the usual set up and  tooling cost for both PCB and assembly for free. This includes PCB artwork tooling and plots and also the usual surface mount  paste stencil costs. 

Quartz TSL will be supplying these services and savings on upto 5 different  board designs or more and their associated design iterations to the undergraduates to help achieve the set goals for this years season. These include those listed below. 

Bath Zero Emission Motorcycles aims for 2018:


  • Complete a greater than 100mph average lap speed at the Isle of Man TT Zero.

  • Develop a bike with a top speed of at least 160mph.

  • Build on the success of the 2017 season and improve on the results in all competitions.

  • Achieve a theoretical peak power of 270bhp.


If you wish to find out more about Bath Zero Emissions Motrocycles story and more please follow the link below.