At Quartz TSL we can offer a range of high quality machining and marking services which enhances and extends our main services.

With the use of our IS400 gravograph engraver  and Trotec speedy 300 co2 laser and also our in house screenprint facilities we can offer

  • Front and back plate machining
  • Engraved labels & plates
  • recessed text engraving back filled with paint
  • anodised aluminium plate machining with laser marking
  • anodised aluminium enclosure machining and laser ablating
  • painted plate machining with screenprinted text
  • painted plate machining with laser removed (ablated) text

We can accept the following files and formats to work with

  • autocad dwg
  • dxf files
  • adobe illustrator files
  • Corel draw files
  • check for others by calling or contacting

Logo files are best accepted as vector formats if possible but we can work with Jpeg's if the resolution is high enough.

Click or call to 01455 824646 to see how we can help.