Quartz TSL can manufacture and supply a range of tamper proof / void / and destructible vinyl labels for asset management and security and warranty void detection.

Our labels can be any size and shape upto a maximum in one direction of 100mm and upto 1 metre long. We can print logos / bar codes / QR codes and cut the label to almost any shape within reason.

If you wish we can design the label for you if you give us a general idea of what you would like. The various types are listed below.

Tamper Evident: If removal of this material is attempted, a pattern will appear both in the label and on the surface it was applied to. This can either be the word "VOID" , or a simple "chain link design. The void option is ideal for warranty deal labels, so for example , if a customer removes an inspectioncover on an electronic device, the warranty is then voided. The chain link optionis used for all other applications where it is important to identify if something has been removed or tampered with.

Tamper Destructible: This is a security product and removal of labels made from this material is extremely difficult. The face has an 'egg-shell' construction which means that when removal is attempted the label will fragment into tiny pieces. Applications include asset and security labels such as 'Property of...' labels, etc.

If you would like to know more please contact our sales department or use our online quote request page.