Quartz TSL are experts in batch production. Over 30+ years of manufacturing expertise and continuous improvement we have developed processes and established formulas to allow manufacturing repeat batches of products to the same high standards every time.

Quartz TSL’s processes and systems are continuously adapted to extract every marginal gain out of every area of the factory.

  • The initial tooling set up and panelisation of PCB’s
  • Any special instructions or requirements reviewed and documented
  • Our expert knowledge applied to the product from inception of design to aid manufacturability and extract the best batch yield for both Quartz and the customer
  • We will suggest improvements that we know will eliminate scrappage over years of experience
  • Component lead time issues mitigated early by creation of long lead item order sheets
  • The above sheets get outputted from the system when a new order for the product is added to the system. So long lead items ordered at the very earliest of the procedure.
  • Chain linked Engineering change note system to document any product changes of the life of the product. Every simple to complex change during the life of the product logged
  • MRP system to amalgamate various customers component requirements to on one buy list
  • database of each product and corresponding images (multiple angles) to aid manufacture
  • AID Sheets developed if particular complex build required for an assembly
  • bar coded batch production job cards for each separate batch whether PCB’s or full assemblies to aid manufacturing flow and keep to the exact specifications of the product

There are many more batch production procedures in place to keep to the exacting quality levels required. The above list gives a flavour of the levels Quartz TSL goes to for the customers benefit.

With the systems Quartz TSL has in place we are able with ease to replicate thousands of different customers designs and products each year. This is achievable whether the gap between batches is weeks, months or even years.

If you wish to discuss how Quartz TSL can help then please call on 01455 824646 or email us on or use our quote pages to request a quote on your product.