The ability and savings in time and money to get multiple manufacturing processes completed by one supplier is a key factor why our customers return time and again to Quartz TSL. Its another reason why we get recommendations and referrals by our customers to their peers on a regular basis. Another simple reason is we care about the quality of the products we produce and our customers know and trust this known factor. Whether we are manufacturing a simple PCB or a complex assembly.

Quartz TSL offers all our customers  the ability to use any one part of our services to complete one important manufacturing task or we are just as comfortable integrating all of our departments and services to complete fully tested complex electronic assemblies, cables, and box builds.

Customers may just want to order a simple single sided board or cable or engraved label. While other customers require Quartz TSL to manufacture a complex multilayer printed circuit board and fully assemble with surface mount and through hole components and wire into an enclosure. They may also want the complex product fully tested and ready for shipping direct to their customer if required. While all the time having the peace of mind Quartz TSL’s systems allow for full traceability of processes and components.

Our range of integrated services cover the following:

PCB manufacture

PCB assembly

PCB design

Assembly & test

Panel & cubicle wiring

Full system build

Cable and harness manufacture

Box build

Quartz TSL also offers additional manufacturing services which enhance our main services.


Plate machining and  engraving

Box machining

Laser cut and bent acrylic electrical covers

Label services

Traffolyte engraved labels

Vinyl labels

Polyester labels

Specialist identification labels

Tamper proof void labels

If you would like to discuss working with Quartz TSL further please contact us on 01455 824646 or email us at