What happens when a PCB assembly fails, What happens if the information isn't available to recreate it ? Quartz TSL can offer to clone the assembly.

One issue increasingly facing industry is replacement of old PCB assemblies (PCBA), often used in large expensive equipment or systems.Some companies don't have very good record keeping regarding PCBA manufacture , sometimes its down to companies closing or simply very lax document control and issue levels.

PCB gerber data and specifications may be unavailable or there may not be an up to date  bill of materials (BOM) or circuit diagrams.

High value systems can potentially become problematic or even obselete due to PCBA failure. This is where PCBA reverse engineering or "cloning" can help.

Component obselesence adds to the challenge with many components no longer available. If a suitable alternative cannot be found, the component itself  may have to be reversed engineered.

To be able to recreate the PCBA with little or no information other than the failed assembly is something Quartz TSL has undertook on numerous occasions. Clients must be aware not all PCBA cloning can result in success but the general rule is that the majority of  cloning tasks undertaken has resulted in successful outcomes.

By following structured workflows and linked with continual customer verification most problems can be avoided and many positive outcomes have come been achieved.

Quartz TSL firstly define the component bill of materials (BOM's) and verify any obselence that may exist in the parts list.  Alternative components are researched to provide the exact or closest match. We will always check and check again with the customer against the possible pitfalls on a parts list until all parties are happy to proceed. Quartz TSL will then define the printed circuit board (PCB) manufacture parameters. These will include specifications such as the build details, final surface finish and track and gap thickness, copper weight etc. Quartz tsl can prepare the gerber data and obtain approval. Quartz TSL can then manufacture the PCB in house in our Leicester PCB manufacture facility while procurment  of the bill of materials is undertaken. Finally full assembly and any test procuedures that can be applied to prove out the cloned PCB assembly are applied. 

Requests for the cloning service are on the increase. Finding a respected expert in the PCB assembly cloning service field can be difficult. Rest assured Quartz tsl has a long term cost effective track record in this industry. 

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