Quartz TSL has the ability to not only manufacture PCB's but to also assemble them for each client.

Our assembly departments (both conventional and surface mount) work to current IPC-A-610 American national standards institute protocols.

Quartz TSL can build a prototype for a client after PCB manufacture or achieve small to medium batch assembly work. Long running scheduled orders are welcome. Also customers can ask Quartz TSL to fully procure parts for each job. Or customers can free issue parts in kits.

Our Conventional assembly department place components and use the Cropmatic automatic lead cutting machines to achieve a consistent quality leg length. The assembled boards are checked before being flow soldered on a Blundell cms 400 flow solder machine.

With full stock control and bill of materials software in place across the company network assembly jobs flow smoothly from kitting up to final inspection and finally dispatch.

With years of experience and training in both the conventional and surface mount departments Quartz has the right highly qualified staff to achieve excellent results time and again.

With the use of modern technology Quartz TSL catalogues board build features and assembly modifications via the use of an archived digital imagery store of digital photos taken of each product as and when needed. This digital archive allows Quartz to:

  • Keep up to date image records of assemblies separate to paperwork and parts list.
  • Store an image of the clients sample assembly even after the sample has been returned to the client.
  • catalogue any changes made by the customer.
  • Allow assemblers a reminder of what is required of an assembly even after a lengthy gap from one batch to the next.

Quartz TSL's assembly depts include full ESD electrostatic discharge protocols including heel grounders, wrist straps, fully dissipative mats and sensitive floor areas are covered in electro static dissipative liquids.

If you require a quote for assembly please use our online assembly quote page. Also a parts list as comprehensive as possible emailed on Microsoft excel would be most helpful. If on the parts list a component needs to be manufacturer specific please state this on the parts list and when talking to the sales department.