At Quartz TSL it’s more than likely we’ll be not just manufacturing the PCB in your product. It’s a good bet that you’ll probably want us to assemble the finished electronic assembly. That’s why with every PCB we design or layout. We will have DFM (design for manufacturing) principles at the very heart of our methodology and process.

 (DFM) is the method of design for ease of manufacturing. Thinking and implementing designs that anticipate the assortment of parts that will form the product after assembly. Quartz TSL is primarily concerned with reducing overall production costs and minimizing the complexity of PCB’s and the associated assemblies and how they interact with enclosures etc.

Quartz TSL’s Design for Manufacturing aims:

  • Reduce overheads, labour and material cost.
  • Minimize the electronic product development cycle
  • Focus on standards and protocols to reduce costs

Quartz TSL’s key DFM principles:

  • Minimize the total part count
  • Standardize parts and materials in the bill of materials
  • Create better modular assemblies
  • Design for efficient joining to minimize labour
  • Minimize re-orientation of parts during manufacture and or assembly
  • Reduce and simplify the amount of manufacturing operations

Our engineers know how to achieve the results that our customers expect!

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