Quartz TSL offers a full PCB  (printed circuit board) design layout service for our clients.

 Quartz TSL's layout and design services are available for customers interested in assistance with their printed circuit board project. 

We can work from the simplest schematic sketch on the back of a napkin to the most complex data pack providing all general arrangement drawings and Orcad schematics. Either way Quartz TSL can get your designs from schematic to PCB industry ready Gerber data formats with the smoothest of workflows.     

Design Services

  • Schematic Capture
  • PCB Design
  • PCB Layout

Design Capabilities

  • Single-Sided
  • Double-Sided
  • Multiple Layer Boards
  • Mixed Technologies

PCB design layout files created by our service will include most or all of the following depending on the type of PCB being laid out.

  • Silkscreen top and bottom
  • Solder mask top and bottom
  • All metal layers
  • Paste mask top and bottom
  • Component map (X-Y coordinates) if required
  • Assembly drawing top and bottom
  • Drill file
  • Drill legend
  • FAB (fabrication) outline (dimensions, special features)
  • Netlist file

The special features mentioned in the fabrication outline might include some of the following notches, cutouts, bevels, back-filled vias-in-pad (normally used for BGA-type IC packages which have an array of pins under the device), blind or buried vias, surface finish type and leveling, hole tolerances, PCB layer count etc.

Click or call to find out more 01455 824646. Talk to one of our friendly and helpful staff to discuss your layout requirements further.