Quartz TSL can use its electronic design skills to reverse engineer products.

We will never infringe on copyright or intellectual property rights. However we have helped clients who have brought the rights to much older products to strip back the design to the constituent parts and schematics.  Then re-create the same or better circuitry to create the properties   of the original product with more modern components to beat component obselesence. Or enhance the product with additional circuitry.

Clients must be aware that this is not an easy process and that there is no guarantee that each product investigation will end with a satisfactory outcome. 

The process would involve the following steps:

  • Intial investigation into the viability of reverse engineering the board at Quartz TSL (with a standard chargeable fee of £175.00)
  • If the  process is deemed feasible then a large catalogue of mid level and close up photos would be taken of both sides for later reference
  • investigation of the bill of materials (BOM) to create a comprehensive parts list
  •  Any obselete parts on the BOM  would be replaced with equivalents if available
  • removal of all components (avoiding damage) by highly skilled technicians to reveal hidden track areas.
  • Schematic creation from track routing investigation using various skilled methods.
  • creation of PCB standard Gerber files for board manufacture
  • PCB manufacture and assembly using new parts list and thorough testing.

We have successfully completed this process on a range of products and projects. However not all levels of complexity of PCB assembly  can be achieved easily. So each project would be dependant on the initial investigation findings.

If you wish to know more please contact us any time to discuss your requirements by calling 01455 824646 or Click here for our contact page.