At Quartz TSL we always strive to produce the majority of our printed circuit board manufacture in our Leicestershire based high quality PCB fabrication facility.

However we also understand that at certain times we may need to have the ability to supply from off shore manufacturers. Due to style and type of board or other dictating factors such as large complex volume or very tight margins. So Quartz TSL has specially selected and vetted several overseas  suppliers who fit our exacting standards. The PCB manufacturers have the same attention to detail and high quality levels we pride ourselves on.

We are also able to obtain quotes quickly during all working normal hours due to our supplier’s commitment and dedication to providing prices during the European working day.

One of the greatest assets of having a UK PCB manufacturer such as Quartz TSL offering off shore supply usually comes into effect when certain far-east holidays and festivals can restrict supply. When this happens Quartz TSL can opt to manufacture an interim batch of boards to plug the gap. This is a major advantage for Quartz TSL for continuity of service to our clients. We can control all aspects of the PCB supply to help our client’s products. Please see below how we can help.

  • Quartz TSL UK manufacturer PCB knowledge base
  • Full supply control and logistics to your door by Quartz TSL
  • All technical questions answered quickly and easily by Quartz TSL  UK based engineers
  • Exceptional Quality supply from selected and vetted suppliers
  • Long term trusted working relationship and regular face to face meetings

Our partnered off shore suppliers are professional PCB Manufacturers in the Far East. They specialize in Quick Turn PCB and PCB prototyping up to large volume batches. They are excellent at manufacturing the following types and styles of printed circuit board

  • Aluminum base PCB
  • Rigid-flex PCB
  • High Multilayer PCB
  • High Density PCB’s
  • Impedance Control PCB
  • High Temperature PCB(High TG PCBs)
  • Heavy Copper PCB
  • Flexible circuit(FPC)
  • Other Advanced Circuits.

Please check out the other excellent services Quartz TSL can offer to achieve your complete electronic manufacturing needs. If you have any other questions or queries please contact us on01455 824646 or email us on