WOW PCB is a new instantaneous quoting and online ordering service for prototypes and low to medium volume PCB manufacture.

The WOW PCB service will be available to quote on single sided, 2 layer PTH, 4 layer multilayer and 6 layer multilayer PCB’s and prototype PCB’s . Where the design is fairly generic. More specialized designs must be quoted through our Quartz TSL quote page.

With the WOW PCB service You will be able to simply enter your requirements and the WOW PCB website will calculate a wide range of delivery and quantity options. Which you can then order at the same time by uploading your PCB Geber data and entering your credit card details. We’ll take care of the rest.

The system and site is still being developed but please join our mailing list to get notification of when it will be ready.

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The WOW PCB service will need only a few PCB details to calculate the price. Also the service cannot offer plated slots. Gold plated edge connectors and a range of other more specialist PCB parameters. A list of the technical parameters allowed in the service will soon be posted on this page for download.

To get PCB pricing more focused on your own actual design and requirements why not click through here to Quartz TSL’s online PCB QUOTE form. It’s easy and quick

Quartz TSL quoting page currently allows you to get competitive pricing on all manner of PCB styles and types it’s just not instaneous. One of our highly experienced engineers will work quickly to get the price finalised and through to you ASAP.