PCB prototype Assemblies delivered on time and built with the highest quality care and attention by our expert staff.

If you require manufacture of  PCB prototypes all the way up to  full turnkey prototypes to progress your development work, or a pre-production batch for customer testing, Quartz TSL will work in partnership with you to ensure that the quality, cost and delivery of your prototypes fit perfectly with all your requirements and needs.

Why choose Quartz TSL for Prototyping?

With almost 30 years industry experience of prototyping. We understand the ups and downs that designers and developers often experience. The time issues especially which can affect the design and manufacturing process. That’s where we can help. With our skilled workforce and advanced technology we can offer you the option of  fast electronic prototype turnaround to help bring your project back on track.

We can either work with your free issue kits, or offer our full procurement service. In fact we’ve probably got most standard parts already in our extensive stock system. We’ll Work exactly to your manufacturing data but we’re always ready to alert you to any problems we may find or even pre-empt a possible problem with a helpful solution. Upon completion of the PCB prototype build, we can offer you up to date production costs or advise possible production savings and assist with product decisions and project planning going forwards.

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