As of the 5th of April 2018 Quartz TSL is offering a new service to other UK based  PCB manufacturers.

If you need PCB's (printed circuit boards) hot air levelling we are offering a sub-contract levelling service after the installation of our new Cemco Quicksilver hot air leveller.

With the latest in hot air leveller technology and most upto date innovative build style our Cemco Leveller can achieve an unparalled high quality flat finish.

Quartz TSL use DKL metals SN100CL Nihon Superior Rohs compliant solder in our Quicksilver leveller. Turn around time from panel delivery to Quartz TSL to  levelling and shipping back to the client can be as little as 1 day.

Although our usual turn around time will be  quoted as 1-3 days turn around depending on production capapcity and panel quantity and shipment time of arrival to Quartz TSL.

If you are interested in this service please call 01455 824646 or email our sales department to discuss prices.