Since its creation in 1987. Quartz TSL has become one of the top flight of high quality PCB manufacturers offering prototype and small to medium batch PCB manufacturing. Quartz can offer its clients the following types of PCB's.

  • Single Sided.
  • Double Sided Conventional.
  • Double Sided Plated Through.
  • Multilayer PCB's upto 30+ layers.
  • Heavy weight copper PCB's
  • Metal clad PCB's (MPCB)

With the ability to offer a fast and reliable service.

  • 24 Hour turnaround if required on some types of boards.
  • standard 10 working day delivery on most standard boards.
  • 15 to 20 working days if economy is required.

With the majority of our PCB's made in our Leicestershire based PCB factory we can react quickly and easily to any requirement. We also understand certain situation or styles of PCB may need overseas supply.

With this in mind but with an ongoing committment and ethos to the majority of manufacturing in the UK. Quartz can offer off shore procurement with class 'A' vetted far east suppliers for large quantity pcb of any type or construction. We only use a couple of high quality selected and vetted overseas manufacturers who have the same level and committment to quality as ourselves. 

If a client requires Quartz can offer full Underwriters Laboratory Approval on all of the above if requested. It can also offer full electronic test if clients require.

With Quartz TSL's continuing drive for the best quality and faster delivery times required by today's electronics industry. It has seen a need to invest in the very latest equipment and machinery. Which has led recently to Quartz installing one of the very latest direct metallization plate1 shadow lines, manufactured for it by Fabtech LTD.

Quartz TSL's ability to produce a clients design with high quality and speed coupled with a professional and friendly service has seen clients ranging from high-tech SME's to large international blue chip clients return time after time.

To ensure our products meet our customers specifications and requirements a thorough inspection of all documentation and tooling is carried out before committing an order to manufacture. Comprehensive front end checks ensure smooth integration between designers, engineers and our manufacturing facility.

Comprehensive checks are also made on the chemistry inherent in the processes, machinery calibration, and current industry protocols regarding effluent control.

Quartz TSL recognize that our greatest asset is our workforce and to this end we ensure our technicians are kept up to date with any new techniques and aids for manufacturing, thus ensuring that we continue to provide a regular reliable high quality service and our reputation in this regard continues to grow.

If you have any questions regarding our PCB services please contact us to discuss your needs

If you require a quote please use our online quote facility provided and we will respond ASAP. Please ensure you fill out as many relevant details as possible. Especially your contact details and phone numbers in case we have any queries regarding your quotation request.

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