Fast turn-around or rapid PCB manufacture for prototyping and low to medium batches.

For nearly 30 years, engineers, assemblers, and designers from around the world have counted on Quartz TSL for their quick turn-around PCBs. Companies, organizations, large and small know that they can depend on us for their project-critical PCBs. We have an industry leading on-time delivery reputation that customers have come to love and rely on. We understand the importance of delivering on our promises.

Unlike PCB brokers, we manufacture our boards in-house, so our entire printed circuit board manufacturing process is more controlled. We can answer your questions directly, quickly and even offer solutions to any problems that arise. We have a wide selection of base materials in stock or more unusual and exotic material types and thicknesses are only a day or so away at our local material suppliers.

You can contact us at any time to review the following:

  • Check on order Status
  • Make urgent changes
  • Can the order be delivered sooner than first quoted.
  • Can the order quantity be increased mid manufacture.

We cannot guarantee we’ll always be able to help on the latter points above. However we will always endeavour to achieve your urgent needs as much as we can.

PCB Quick turn-around times and capability

  • 24 hours                       Yes (Highest Premium)
  • 48 hours                       Yes (High Premium)
  • 72 hours                       Yes (Medium Premium)
  • 5   Days                        Yes (Low Premium)
  • 10 Days                        Standard (No premium)

Lead time is critical when prototyping a new PCB design. It is a competitive advantage for your business to test out your designs faster than your competitors. That’s what we do every day.

Get a quote sent through to us right now.


We encourage new customers to submit their PCB specifications using the QUICK AND EASY PCB quote page. Or you can directly send us your information to  sales@quartz-tsl.com or call us on 01455 824646