Quartz TSL PCB's ready for the Isle of Man TT

Quartz TSL have been supporting Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycles ( www.bathzero.com ) for the last 2 years. The Bath Zero team made up of Bath University engineering undergraduates have been endeavouring to develop a race winning all electric motorcycle. With their sights set on competing and ultimately winning the all-electric motorcycle category in the Isle of Man TT race.

Quartz TSL produced printed circuit boards for various parts of the electronic systems earlier in the year. We've now had the great news from the race team that this year's motorcycle design has been put through its early pre-TT full motorcycle testing. 

All the team at Quartz TSL are looking forward to following the Phoenix's progress during racing. As last year’s entry couldn’t take part due to a lithium battery pack incident which resulted in a racing paddock fire and the bike not able to race. Hence the bike's name "Phoenix".
With some impressive average racing speeds predicted by the Bath Zero team the staff at Quartz TSL will be cheering the Phoenix on when racing commences on June the 5th at 12:45.
Good luck Phoenix and all the Bath Zero Emissions Motorcycles Team!